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Cleaning for a Reason!

Updated: Jan 26, 2020

Keep Living!

If we all continue to live, life will happen to us. I'm not speaking anything negative into existence. Believe me I know that "Death and life are in the power of the tongue, and those who love it will eat its fruit; Proverbs 18:21 KJV." I preach that from my soapbox 24-7! But I have lived 41 years to know that we aren't exempt from this thing called "life!"

About two months ago I had a scare, but as a woman we know our bodies. I knew that something just didn't feel right with the ta-ta's. Normally I'll have soreness prior to my menstrual cycle but...this pain/soreness appeared to come on two/three weeks before my cycle. I was like I know I'm not pregnant even though the Facebook test constantly said I would have But the pain was very persistent and it had a sistah shooked I said let me do some research on my family history. So I contacted my sister and asked her a million and one questions in reference to our dad's side of the family. She was like "no" cancer here, thankfully. So I continued the discussion, talking to my mom and aunt etc...and nothing (which I'm thankful for.) During this time, I had to fight off thoughts, while praying and believing for a positive outcome.

When the waiting doesn't HELP!

I finally scheduled an appointment after about two months of waiting to see i the situation would change...get better. But the pain continued and lasted past my menstrual cycle. So I called my doctor to see if he would refer me for an appointment. But noooo he wants to see me in his office 1st...I met with my doctor and we talked about what has been going on. He completed an exam...which I complete monthly myself. He stated that he didn't feel any lumps or anything but would refer me to get checked.

The Day of the Big "V"

I woke up early and said mentally prepared for my day...I arrived to the doctors office 30 minutes prior to my appointment. While I sat in the waiting area to my surprise what was on the table..."Pitt County Women's Journal!" My faith went up to level 10..this just reminded me of all the GREAT things God did in my life in just a year! So it's NOT over yet! After locking up all my belongings, the wait was very short and then I went back with my nurse. I had to brace myself for all these dang pictures...she tells me okay Mrs. Cherry we are going to have to take 10 pictures 5 on each side! I'm like "A MESS!" After all the pictures are taken, I had back into the waiting area for the Dr. to review my results...she comes back in no time and says Mrs. Cherry you're all clear!!! I said "THANK YOU JESUS!" The prayers of my husband and family helped to get me through a trying time in my life.

Giving Back!

I'm truly thankful that my outcome was positive, but I do realize that my outcome isn't what some; women, men and children receive. We want to be a SUPPORT to the many people that are going through chemo and cancer. We understand how important a clean home is, especially when you're sick. Being exposed to germs isn't healthy. Also a clean home provides a peace of mind to the patient and also the caregiver. I feel privileged to help families who have a love one undergoing cancer treatments; spend more time together, relieve stress, and create a healthier environment. Through our partnership with Cleaning for a Reason, Next Level Cleaning Services works with cancer patients by cleaning their home once per month for two months FREE of charge. We hope that this can relieve the family so they can focus on healing! Please head over to the website if there is someone that needs this service. #serveup #levelup #nextlevelcleaning #differencemaker #cleaningforareason #givingback #strongertogether

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