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To Empower. To Equip. To Establish.

We aim to empower, equip, and establish employment for individuals with IDD and Autism Spectrum Disorder.


Demika Cherry owns/founder of Next Level Cleaning Services, Inc., a family-owned and local company. In November 2018, she founded and launched Next Level Cleaning Services after recognizing the need for employment opportunities for persons with cognitive and mental health disorders in the rural community.


Our company was created with the vision of empowering the employees while bringing a clean environment to the customer. As a mother and having worked for many years with Intellectually Disabled and Autism Spectrum diagnosed individuals. I've become familiar with their challenges in obtaining and maintaining employment. Employment gives many people purpose, mobility, and financial stability. Why not create an opportunity that allows us to place my passion for keeping things neat and orderly and supporting those who need it in our community simultaneously? The learning never stops; each individual will have ongoing support while working at Next Level Cleaning Services to ensure they are satisfied with the job, performing well, and growing in productive independence.


 Next Level Cleaning Services offers employment and services to our local communities. Our services are tailored to meet the needs of any company, no matter the size. Our goal is to make our customers' lives a little easier.  

- Founder, CEO Demika Cherry

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