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The Down Low on Cleaners vs Disinfectants

The TRUTH on what’s in your cleaning cabinet…first let’s break this down a CLEANER does not DISINFECT, neither does a DISINFECTANT~CLEAN! So, when you’re using your all-purpose cleaners to KILL those germs in the kitchen and bathroom, they’re laughing at you because you HAVEN’T even touched them! Then if you break out the disinfectant to wipe up a soda spill, it’s still going to linger long after you have wiped it up…ALL sticky!

So, let’s BREAK DOWN the FACTS… the traditional all-purpose cleaner is designed to lift dirt off a surface but will NOT disinfect! During this cleaning process, you’ll remove many of the germs, but an all-purpose cleaner won’t get everything…especially if you’ve had a sick child or spouse. A disinfectant, on the other hand, is designed to kill bacteria, germs, etc. due to the special ingredients it contains. But it is NOT designed to lift dirt off a surface or make it shiny like an all-purpose cleaner would.

TAKE AWAY: if you want to clean and disinfect a surface, you need to begin by cleaning it 1st—removing the dirt, using an all-purpose cleaner—and next apply disinfectant (step 2) afterwards to get rid of the bacteria, this is known as the “two-step” cleaning process!

There you have it…the low down on Cleaning vs disinfecting!

We also posted a question on “How long does a disinfectant have to make contact?”

The answer is 5-10 minutes before you begin to wipe it off.

So, if you truly want to DISINFECT your home allow the disinfectant to make contact for 5-10 minutes before you WIPE!

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